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t h e . f a y d i n g . l i g h t s 。
January 26th, 2033 - index 。
lulu - pretty
Chaptered Fics

the sea's melody  [1] [2] - privated. process of editing and writing
don't forget about me [1] - indefinite hiatus


broken glass:  [x]
by your side; and let this be enough: [x]
my melody. let me sing: [x]
of insecurities, earphones and hippos: [x]

☆ f-locked all entries (until futher notice), all old!yunjae rant posts will always be private. please leave a comment to be added  
October 15th, 2013 - selu
lulu - pretty
ugh i think i caught the selu virus. fml why is sehun and luhan so freaken adorable i cant? ;w;
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